MC’s and DJ’s tandems are few and far between in his current climate of the rap/hip hop genre. The Raw Wattage duo which consists of rapper P.Watts and Dj FX merge to form a electrifying collaborative blend of hiphop. Their self-titled debut executive and co-produced by the legendary Large Professor of Main Source fame, which P.Watts was connected to by way of his mentor, another iconic hip hop figure Tragedy Khadafi formerly known as Intelligent Hoodlum, Raw Wattage is poised to deliver its opus no different than Gordon Ramsay would present his sumptuous delicacies. Whether it’s the powerful piano laden socially conscious tune mixed with a tad of spoken word, “Equality”, the enchanting melodic "feel good" vibes of "Taliesin West" to the boom bap-ish driven, hard knocking "Facts" produced by the mad scientist, you get an assuring sense that Raw Wattage is a mainstay in today and tomorrow's hip hop ethos.


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